Welcome to the Connecting Casper project webpage. Connecting Casper is the Casper Area MPO Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP). Connecting Casper 2040 represents a comprehensive, cooperative, and continuing planning process for the Casper Metropolitan Planning Area (MPA). The LRTP analyzes existing and future year roadway conditions, transit operations, non-motorized facilities, rail operations, and airport operations in order to identify transportation deficiencies. The last LRTP was conducted in 2006/2007 and a number of specific recommendations to address transportation deficiencies through the year 2030 were identified. Connecting Casper 2040, which will look at transportation through 2040, will help the Casper Area MPO plan for the ever changing dynamics of the regional transportation system.

Please explore this website for additional information about the project and how you can get involved. Also, check back often for news and information about the project progress.